Robotic Mop Ball Cleaner

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Cleaning has never been this fun and easy with the Robotic Mop Ball Cleaner!

These colorful, fluffy, rolling balls act as mini cleaners that roll around your floor - attracting dust and dirt as they move along!

The Robotic Mop Ball Cleaner has a built-in electric vibrator that makes it automatically rolls across a surface and changes direction as it hits any obstruction - talk about smart!

Its compact design allows it to reach nooks, crannies,  and narrow spaces under your furniture.

This smart cleaner makes cleaning absolutely fast and efficient - so you can spend more time with family and less time cleaning. 

Robotic Mop Ball Cleaner


✔️ Cute, fluffy ball design
✔️ It has a built-in electric vibrator that makes it automatically roll around the floor to pick up dust and dirt.
✔️ Very easy to use. Just clean the furry cover and let the ball do the cleaning.
✔️ Its small size enables it to reach nooks and narrow spaces under furniture easily.


Material: Polyester
Diameter: 10cm/ 3.94”
Battery: 2 x AA (batteries not included)
Colors: Green/ Pink/ Yellow/ Blue (sent in random)

 Package includes: 1 x Robotic Mop Ball Cleaner

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