Magic Cleaning Sponge

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Clean stains and dirt easily with the Magic Cleaning Sponge. This sponge work like magic - it thoroughly breaks up tough dirt, lifting it away from surfaces.
It's perfect for cleaning any type of surface - from wooden floors down to stainless steel counters! 
It is very easy to use. Cut up the sponge into smaller pieces for smaller tasks. Dip into water and squeeze out the excess. Gently rub sponge over dirt, smudges and scuff marks and rinse off. 
Magic Cleaning Sponge
✔️ No need for detergent. It removes stain or dirt with water.
✔️ It can be cut into any size for a suitable shape.
✔️ Can be used on automotive interiors, boat interiors and much more.
✔️ Good for Sink, bathroom, stainless steel appliances, bathtubs and basins, ceramic tiles, plastic, painted walls and doors, leather, and other scribbles of home floor.
To use:
✔️ Soak the sponge in the water, then squeeze eraser to remove excess water.
✔️ Gently rub sponge over dirt, smudges and scuff marks.
✔️ Rinse sponge between uses.
✔️ Color: White
✔️ Sponge size(approx.): 10*6*2cm(L x W x H)
✔️ Quantity: 50pcs/lot
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