MagiBug™ - The Soft Magnetic Bug Screen

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Are you tired of having annoying bugs constantly getting in your house whenever you leave a door open? So are we, that's why we are introducing our best-selling MagiBug™ - The Soft Magnetic Bug Screen

Say goodbye to bugs - Mosquitos can carry diseases, often causing annoying itches from sucking your blood and flies leave their feces and vomit everywhere... Doesn't sound too hygienic, does it? This actually makes people sick a lot more than you think.

We completely understand keeping doors closed isn't possible at every given second, this is why we have created the MagiBug Soft Magnetic Bug Screen, allowing you to keep annoying bugs outside away from you and your family.

Perfect for:

  • Perfect Gift This Christmas
  • Perfect for BBQs
  • Perfect for when Family's over
  • Perfect for when your children are outside
  • OR.. Anything in between!

Product Information

  • 100x210CM Sizing (Fits All Normal Doors)
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