Aero Knife® - Perfect Slicer

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Get the perfect slice every time with the Aero Knife - Perfect Slicer.

It features a laser-sharp blade that never needs sharpening. This is a knife that's always ready for the next task!

Because it has several strategically placed holes along the sides, this knife has 60 percent less surface area than the standard blade - preventing the food from sticking during use.

The holes also make it light and easy to handle.

Its razor sharp edge slices easily through veggies, fruits, meat, herbs and other food. Cuts twice as smooth, twice as fast with less effort!

Aero Knife - Perfect Slicer


✔️ Micro Edge Blade that never needs sharpening
✔️ Carefully spaced holes along the knife give it 60 percent less surface area, preventing food from sticking during use.
✔️ User- friendly design makes it light as air and easy to handle.
✔️ Slices through veggies, meat, fruits and herbs effortlessly.


Material: Stainless Steel
Full tang, triple rivet construction


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