About Us


Splendgadets has evolved into the most desirable shopping destination for the insanely cool. How? It’s simple really:

At Splendgadgets, we’ve always greeted uncertainty as an old friend. Driven by our passion to un-complicate life, we tend to view obstacles as opportunities, as inspirations. We don’t settle for mediocrity and neither should you. Because let’s face it, second best is no good. That is why by designing gadgets that are the epitome of durability, functionality and sleekness, we help people like you break away from the monotony of life and ratchet up your cool factor.

Our creative approach to product development is like writing poetry. A lot of thought goes into the design of each product as we tear down all layers of complexity, leaving behind only that which is absolutely necessary: comfort, style and ease of use. The simplistic structure of our gadgets doesn’t constrain your potential or limit your freedom to get the most the most out of them, but rather sets you free to live smarter and more stylishly because that is what you deserve.

All of our product offerings, from household and office gadgets, to kid’s toys and other everyday basic products, are designed to be pocket-friendly, elegant and most importantly affordable. Every time you decide to buy one of our products, you choose to prioritize your personal convenience and move one step away from averageness.

The good thing is you don’t have to be alone when you take the leap. Let’s step away from averageness together! :)


The Splendgagets Team

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